Always on the move.

Merrily we run along.

Today, I found my happy place for the first time in a very long time.  I didn't race at all in 2017, and I'm on a mission to change that this year.  I have a few things on my watch list, and one race on my docket.  I'm definitely doing The Marine Corps Marathon this October.  I figured, if I'm going to live here, I may as well race here.  Plus, it's number five for me, so that gets me in the club.  You know.  In case I need to do it again. 

The other races are bigger races.  I'm looking at doing JFK again.  For the same reasons that I'm doing MCM.  I live here now, so it's cheaper.  Plus, I have something to measure it against.  I have a past performance and a goal to beat.  That's a big factor for me, and the reason that I tend to race the same things over and over when many would move on to new adventures.  I'm always chasing a ghost version of myself.  I play a lot of Mariokart.  I know some of you will understand this impulse.  

The third race is only a dream, a reach, and a remote possibility.  I'm on the waitlist for what I've affectionately referred to as the "baby Barkley."  It's the Barkley Fall Classic and it's a taste of the big boy trail race in the spring.  I have no illusions of grandeur regarding the big spring challenge.  The most I've done is a 50 miler.  But I'd like to see what's "out there." And I would love to meet Laz, if for no other reason than he reminds me so much of my dad.  

I'm training.  I'm in full throttle mode.  The move really killed my fitness.  A week in a car, eating out so many days in a row, gas station food, new and exciting places to eat, and then weeks of crashing with relatives and eating all of our old favorites.  My pants still fit, but barely.  That doesn't bother me (mostly) on a vanity level.  It's much harder to carry an extra 10lbs when you're running.  Try it sometime.  It's difficult.  

Today, I pushed my limits.  I did a general cardio fitness video thing online.  Punching and kicking to get my heart rate up and to build my barefoot endurance and core strength.  I'm going back to what I know here, and the Les MIlls Body Combat is it.  I took the kid on a run + bike ride with the dog in the sunshine.  I ran solo to feel my pace and to just find my balance.  I did a group run that was full of hill repeats and a spiked heart rate.  All in all, it was the equivalent of a 12 mile long run.  Not bad for a Tuesday.  

So here I am, at almost midnight.  Writing in this damn thing.  Because endorphins are raging and I'm pumped to be training again.  I like the process.  I live for it.  Moreso, I live for the uncomfortable space it forces me into.  And that is what today was about.  Testing limits in various ways, finding my weaknesses, and working on things until it hurt.  And it hurt.  But it also brought me a stupid joy that I've not felt in a long time.  Here's to the kickoff of another fun training session and my insufferable droning on about it.  

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